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Fiberglass, carbon, artificial stone, engineering plastics, molds, dies, tooling, best practices, events, markets and much more

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release shedule 2022

  • Issue 1 (98) 2022

    Deadline — february 15
    Release — marc 21
    For exhibition Composite Expo 2022

  • Issue 2 (99) 2022

    Deadline — april 29
    Release — may 22

  • Issue 3 (100) 2022

    Deadline — august 15
    Release — september 15
    Anniversary issue

  • Issue 4 (101) 2022

    Deadline — october 10
    Release — november 10

Terms of placement

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€50 per page

Application section: the use of composite materials and products from them

Market section: market conditions, forecasts, analytics and analysis

Science section: new developments, research, theoretical analysis

Paid placement
€100 per page

Materials section: materials for the manufacture of composite products: binders, reinforcing, modeling and auxiliary materials

Equipment section: equipment and tools for the manufacture, processing and control of composites

Technologies section: technologies and processes for the manufacture of composite materials

Interview section: information about your company, achievements, field of activity

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